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SeaTel 4009

September 16th, 2011 Posted in Loftnet
Specifications 4009-hires
Antenna: 1m/40in D Ring Focus
Radome: 50 Inch (1.42m/56in D x 1.51m/59.4in) Frequency Tuned
System Weight: 147.4kg/325lbs (Will vary by RF)
Polarized Feed: Linear Cross-pol or Co-pol (selectable from below deck)
Waveguide Rotary Joint: Minimizes Tx Path loss. (0.75dB typ.)
BUC Options: 8W NJR, 8W & 16W Codan. (Additional options available)
Transmit Gain: 40.6dB @ 14.25GHz
Receive Gain: 39.8dB @ 12.5GHz
System G/T: 18.1 dB/k (In Radome)
Pedestal Type: 3-axis; Level, Cross Level and Azimuth
Ship’s Motion: +/-20 degrees Roll; +/-10 degrees pitch
Vibration and Shock: IEC 60721-4-6, Mechanical Class 6M3
  • Transmission rate is compatible with many different types of modems, networks and services.
  • IP access to the internet and corporate networks enabling fast downloads of large data files and e-mail.
  • Brake system on EL and CL axes to prevent damage due to loss of power.
  • Minimum threshold for 4009 environmental specifications meets or exceeds the requirements of Det Norske Veritas (DNV) Standard for Certificate No. 2.4
  • Efficient spectral use maximizing cost per bandwidth.
  • Easy Stand-alone or network compatible installation.