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SeaTel 4004

September 16th, 2011 Posted in Loftnet
Specifications 4004-hires
Dish Diameter: 1.0 m; 40 in
Radome Diameter: 1.27 m; 50 in
Radome Height: 1.5 m; 59 in
Antenna Weight: 86.6 kg; 191 lbs
Antenna Stabilization: 3-axis closed loop
Min. EIRP: 43 dBW
Stabilization Motors: Brushless (quiet) DC Motors
GPS: Built-In GPS Provides Automatic Satellite Acquisition
Ship’s Motion: +/- 25º Roll and +/- 15º Pitch
Roll & Pitch Response Rate: Unlimited
Azimuth Range: 680 degrees
Full Elevation Range: -15º to 115º
Polarization Control: Automatic where required
Tracking System: Dishscan (no rotating feed)
  • More than 200 digital quality TV channels and over 30 channels of CD quality music.
  • The 04 Series antennas are compatible with the services provided by the industry’s leading satellite companies like DirecTV™, DISH Network™, Bell TV™, Hotbird, Sky, Orbit , Sky Mexico and DirecTV Latin America (DLA)™.
  • All Sea Tel DBS TV-at-Sea™ systems accommodate any number of satellite receivers. Many TV sets may be installed onboard, each receiving its own programming from its satellite receiver.
  • Unmatched stabilization accuracy allows the system to detect the slightest motion that may affect the antenna’s connection and correct as needed.
  • 2-year warranty on parts; 1-year labor.
  • Ready for multiple satellite selection.
  • HD ready (except for use with DirecTV)